Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Race Pro Wallpapers

Race Pro recreates a breathtaking reality giving gamers the ultimate racing simulation experience - with precision physics and handling, racers will feel every bend and burst of acceleration along with every emotion from pre-race tension in the pit lanes to the exhilaration of capturing the checker flag. Race Pro provides unrivalled realism and deep immersion into the racing world through ultra realistic car models and official FIA championships and tracks. Putting players in the driving seats of their simulated racing careers, racers will have the opportunity to work their way up the leader boards through intense training and winning key races. Race Pro has something for everyone, allowing players of all levels to pick up and play, while offering challenging tracks and advanced modes for the more experienced players.

PC Game Race Pro Wallpapers
Wallpapers of Race Pro
Race Pro Wallpapers
Race Pro Wallpapers PC Games
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